Building crate #1

I had to supply the shipping crate. Most bikes are shipped in a dedicated motorcycle crate, with the front wheel and handlebar removed to make the packing volume smaller. I used one of those crates for my last trip, as shown in this photo.


These crates are easy to get – most bike shops throw them away after unpacking a new bike. However, it is inconvenient to disassemble the bike in this way. You need help at the other end to put the bike back together, and it all wastes valuable time. Plus I broke an electric wire in the handlebar last time.

This time I decided to pack the bike ready to ride (or pretty close to it). I started with two standard bike crates. I had all the parts on hand, thankfully. But … then the shipper told me on Friday that the bike would be picked up on Monday, so it was a case of “OMG, how am I going to get this ready in a weekend!”

Two bases from standard bike crates.

Two bases from standard bike crates

I sliced one of these in half then welded it to the complete base, giving me a base 1.5 x standard width. This was enough for the whole bike, with about 30 mm to spare on each side. I also turned the front wheel well (in the foreground) around on an angle, otherwise the bike was too long for the crate. This turned out to be really tight – both the front and rear tyres are touching the crate ends,

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