Indochina 2016

The shorter the trip, the more planning is needed! This ride was from Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)  to Cambodia, Laos, and back to Vietnam to finish at Hanoi. Total distance was 2,200 km, which we completed in 20 days.

We travelled as a group of four Australians. There were a couple of unpleasant all-day rides due to last-minute rerouting, but most of the trip is was manageable and interesting. We had some wonderful down-time at Cat Ba island and in Hanoi.

A major logistical problem involved “the bikes”. There’s no way we wanted to ship our own bikes for only 3 weeks of travel. In any case, Vietnam is a no-go zone for foreign-registered bikes – they won’t allow it.

After a lot of research, we procured “Peter” Chinese 250 enduro bikes from Phung’s Motorbike in Hanoi. Taking rental bikes to ride in three countries is a big deal. We also needed a rental company that would allow us to pick up in Ho Chi Minh City and return at Hanoi.

Mr Phung told me that a previous customer had ridden into Laos and back, but none had ridden into Cambodia. Our trip had the completely unknown aspect of crossing from Cambodia to Laos on rented Vietnamese bikes.  There was no way to know if it would work.


Peter 250 bikes loaded and ready (shown stabled inside the restaurant at the G11 Hotel, Phnom Penh)


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