Bali to Dili 2017

2,200 km two-up on a 225

Bali to Dili is a popular adventure route, and unavoidable for Round the World travellers who want to ride between Australia and Europe or UK.

I did intend to include this route in my first Borneo ride in 2010, riding from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah (northern Borneo), down Borneo, Java, and then work down through the islands to East Timor. However, the bike had other ideas and broke down every other day, so I had to cut the trip short.

Ever since that ride, Bali to Dili has been unfinished business. In June 2017, I finally crossed it off my bucket list.

In 2010 and 2013, I shipped my Australian adventure bike to the start city for each ride. The cost is astronomical and I can’t justify it anymore. Another solution was needed. It’s not easy to rent a motorcycle in Indonesia for a one-way ride, especially when it finishes in a different country.

There’s only one place that offers this service: Moto Indo. In fact you can rent a bike in Bali and take it to many places in Indonesia, either one-way or return. The bike is s Yamaha Scorpio 225, which is considered a small commuter bike in Australia. However, it is quite big by Asian standards. It is made in Indonesia and popular there, so it’s easy to get parts and repairs. Crucially, the Moto Indo bike is fitted up with plenty of luggage racks so you can load it up with backpacks, sacks and even suitcase.

The cost of renting the bike was a small fraction of shipping my own from Australia.


It’s not a GS1200 but the Scorpio 225 is surprisingly capable,  and very well suited to riding in Asia.


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