Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets

My riding videos have been disappointing in the past. I really want to try and improve them this time. Here’s what I hope to have ready:

  • Drift HD Ghost mounted on a standoff from the tank (remote-controlled by pillion). I bought this because the remote control gives feedback about the status of the camera, including whether it is in standby, recording, and mode. With the previous camera, I never knew if I was starting or stopping it – no way to tell while riding (see next). Also bought an external mic which I plan to put under the pillion seat to try and cut down engine noise (cam gear etc).
  • Generic remote-controlled HD cam that can mount in a few places (crash bar, top box looking back, pannier looking forward). Video is OK but sound is pretty bad – it always picks up a lot of engine noise and wind noise. It has no video screen so I can only check the video by connecting to a computer (which I *never* take on trips).
  • Cheapie little fake Go Pro that will usually be hand-held by pillion, but can also mount on the windscreen facing back. Easy to use but the view is massive wide-angle. Personally I rarely want that.

Other gadgets:

  • Nokia Lumia with GPS apps – Sports Tracker for recording KML tracks, GPX Viewer for following my previous tracks, PinPlace for capturing pins with notes. Both tracks and pins will be added to the map during the trip.
  • BluAnt bluetooth headsets for rider-pillion intercom and rider-mobile phone interface.
  • USB adapters to power the Nokia and Drift sports cam from the bike’s 12V outlet.

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