Borneo 2013

This is a record of a two-up adventure ride around Borneo. It actually started from Surabaya (Java), because that’s where sea freight arrives in Indonesia. It’s also a convenient access route to Borneo because there is a regular ferry service between Surabaya and Banjarmasin (southern end of Borneo).

I have previously ridden in Borneo and I realised there’s a lot to see. The first trip took about a year of planning, synthesising route information from other riders. By the time I had finished that ride, I had a good set of GPS logs that were shared with many other riders. It also gave me confidence to tackle the circumnavigation – two up!

I have tried to publish the information in this blog, in a way that is potentially useful to other riders.

There were many Indonesians who helped me with local issues and last-minute route advice, as well as old-fashioned hospitality. I feel ashamed that I didn’t make a note of all of their names, but I want to assure those folks that I am grateful for their help and it was a joy to meet them.



1 thought on “Borneo 2013

  1. rano bambang

    2 thumbs up to mr. collins…we are byonic ketapang, first…welcome to borneo our lovely land…
    2nd..indonesia isn’t like media or pers say…not save for stranger, home of terroris, chaos country..etc…no isn’t that….we love peace we love anyone…because we are one…as a human..
    warm regard to people australia,


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