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As an adventure motorcycle, the Triumph Tiger XC 800 is a middle of the road in terms of capability and suitability. It is too big, heavy and poorly-adapted for off-road use to be regarded as exceptional. And, like most modern bikes, it is very complex and pretty much impossible to troubleshoot or maintain on the road (e.g. electronic fuel injection).

However, we are travelling “two-up” (rider and pillion), and the Tiger is quite good for that role. The route has been planned to work around the bike’s limitations, but will still take in some locations that are not on the average tourist itinerary.24122011196

Brand new in the showroom, December 2011.


One thought on “Trip posts

  1. rano bambang

    2 thumbs up to mr. collins…we are byonic ketapang, first…welcome to borneo our lovely land…
    2nd..indonesia isn’t like media or pers say…not save for stranger, home of terroris, chaos country..etc…no isn’t that….we love peace we love anyone…because we are one…as a human..
    warm regard to people australia,


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