Lombok – a pretty little island

Bansal Harbour to Mataram 27 km, 1:00

Mataram to Kayangan Harbour: 79 km, 3:30

The ferry trip was over 5 hours but that included an hour after loading in the harbour at Padangbai. We left the Kuta hotel at around 9 am and arrived at Mataram just after dark.

Lombok has pretty rural countryside that’s easy to see while riding the main roads. To be fair, Bali does too, but it also has a lot more traffic. Lombok is much more pleasant to ride.

The city of Mataram seems to have only a small number of hotels. The Astiti hotel is very convenient for motorcycle travel.

Our trip to the ferry harbour at Kayangan the next day was delayed by heavy traffic at a town market along the way, and a lunch break. It could be done in well under 2.5 hours.


Astiti Hotel in the main street of Mataram. The motorcycle can be parked right outside your door, which really helps with unloading (and security).


Refreshment break tropical style. No plastic bottles to pollute the environment … hooray!



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