Sampit to Banjarmasin

Sampit to Palangka Raya 4:00, 219 km
Palangka Raya to Banjarmasin 3:30, 195 km

The first leg is quite a decent road in most parts, but of course there are the usual patches of dirt and loose gravel.

I filled up with petrol out of bottles just outside of Sampit, then passed a Pertamina station with Pertamax in 5 km. D’oh! In fact there are plenty of stations along the way.

Signposts at PR are useless. Go straight through in the first roundabout, then right in the second one, then left after about 500 m. From here on it is fairly obvious, but anyway there is a sign post of 3.5 km, then most of the way has signs.

The second leg has similar road conditions but s lot of buses. I saw one bus literally run an oncoming car off the road while overtaking. That bus and another consistently ran scooters off onto the shoulder when overtaking.

A very dangerous stretch of road.

The Bario bridge, about 30 minutes out from Banjarmasin, spans a vast river (one of several in the area and dozens in Borneo). I was stunned to see that one lane had been occupied by street vendors!

At the western city limits, the streets branches out in every direction and there is no obvious main road. This is in contrast to my earlier trip where I approached from the east, and the main road goes right past the ferry terminal.

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