Getting comfortable

The Tiger 800 already has a comfortable rider’s seat so I did not change it, nor pack my Air Hawk inflatable seat pillow. The pillion seat is not so good: padding is adequate but it slopes down towards the rider. This would have to be replaced with a custom seat to solve the problem – we just ran out of time for that (it’s the pillion’s fault – she did not say anything until a couple of weeks before the bike was due to go!).

The handlebars are very strange on the Tiger. The reach from the seat would probably suit a person of about 2.2 m height. I am average at 176 cm and have longer than average arms, but the reach from seat to handlebars is way too much for me. I get aching wrists after about an hour of riding.

I fitted the Triumph accessory tall bar risers and tilted the bars back, but still not enough. So I fitted the Rox adjustable risers on top of the Triumph risers, and tilted them back. The bars an now within and acceptable range, but not as good as a BMW GS 1200 with factory standard bars. Triumph still has some work to do on ergonomics.

Triumph tall bar risers plus Rox adjustable risers.

Triumph tall bar risers plus Rox adjustable risers.

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