Roasted, toasted, or scorched?

How do you like your nuts?

The Tiger has a very big radiator, which is a good thing. The temp gauge has been rock solid on 5 bars for the whole trip, including creeping through despicable traffic at 34 degrees C and high humidity.

However, I was not holding up so well. With jacket, jeans, helmet gloves and boots, I was feeling like I needed to bail out and wait for it to cool down.

My misery was compounded by the abominable heat coming off that monster radiator. It’s bad. really bad. I rode the bike from the container yard back to my hotel just wearing shorts, because my jeans were still packed. I couldn’t believe the heat on my legs. I looked down to see if my leg hairs were singed.

The bike needs baffles, ducts or whatever to manage that heat. By all means give it vents that can be opened and closed, for folks who ride in cold places. Then Wunderlich or Hepco-Becker can come up with a remote control version that costs … say $1500?

But the machine is a hazard in hot climates, with the current design.

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