Berau to Malinau

This consists of one leg 2 1/2 hours 109 km to the outskirts of Tanjung Selor, and Tanjung Selor to Malinau 200 km.

It’s an additional 40 minutes return into Tanjung Selor if you need a petrol station.

The first leg is quite good.

The second leg is dreadful. Parts of it are little more than a jeep track. It has long rough sections, lots of loose slippery gravel, dust, mud, ruts and holes. Something for everybody.

This was the hardest leg in Kalimantan and very hard work two-up on a heavy bike.

There are no Pertamina stations along the way.

The last intersection about 5 km out of town is not sign posted – take the left turn.

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