No ABS, when I really needed it

Two days ago on the way to Bintulu, I got a real soaking. The ride was two hours and more than half of it was in the rain. Some if it was the “real deal” – afternoon tropical downpour.

My luggage was getting transported in Brad’s Hilux do I was riding light. I’d follow cars when I could find one travelling at a suitable speed. I don’t consider 35 km/h suitable, so I still needed to overtake some cars.

After the worst of the rain, I was following in a car’s wheel track and I saw it go through a big splash. Naturally I slowed down in advance. I was on a corner so I was easy on the brakes. But not easy enough…the bike started sliding.

That was a total white-knuckle experience. It turned out OK, but it certainly focused my thoughts for a few minutes.

It is precisely for that situation I paid extra for ABS. If only it was working…

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