Ruly Sibat, my online friend

The ferry trip from Nunukan (Indonesia) to Tawau (Malaysia) was a hectic and confusing process, especially on the Tawau side. My memories from the last trip are much the same, even though I went in the other direction. Many people attempting to tell me where to stand, where to go, which counter to go to, which boat to get on.

However, it was all good once we got through customs at Tawau.

A short time later we met up with one of my virtual friends, Mr Ruly Sibat of Tawau. He also introduced us to his friends in the adventure riding group. As well as riding Versys 650s around Borneo, they also hang out together at a particular cafe, always with bikes parked outside in the evening. That is my kind of cafe cruising! I don’t care for the lifestyle that basically involved polishing a Harley all week then riding it to the local Starbucks on Sunday. It’s fine to talk about it, but you gotta ride ’em too.

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