Dangerous logging roads

Much of the route to Long Terawan is on logging roads. They are in active use by articulated logging trucks.

Because if their commercial use the roads are maintained and they are no steeper than the trucks can handle (but you may be surprised about how steep that is). I saw only 4WD cars – no 2WD.

We used a guide, because I had no idea how go negotiate the network of roads. I soon came to realize a guide is necessary for another reason.

The logging roads are neither keep left nor keep right. They change constantly. This enables the trucks to straighten out the corners, so naturally everybody else has to follow the rules.

There are small arrows that show you which side to use, but as a rider trying to pick a path through rocks and holes, I would say its impossible to be sure about seeing every sign. Also, some of them are behind shrubs and/or covered in dust.

The guide was riding in Brad’s Hilux and it would have been easier for me to follow, but I could not see the road properly through the dust unless i hung back more than 100m. And that meant they were often out of site around the next bend or the one after.

So I rode in front and the guide was telling me which side to use by a code if single and double beeps on the horn.

There’s no way I’d tackle that road without a guide. Too much chance of cresting a hill and meeting a 4WD coming the other way.

In fact I feel like once is enough for Long Terawan. The road would be impassable for an adventure bike if it was raining during the trip.

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