Still thinking about smashed cable

The cable to the rear speed sensor was crushed at least twice, getting stuck in between the swingarm and the luggage mount.

I have a new theory about why this happened: I have lowered the bike’s suspension by 20 mm. That effectively moves the swingarm up 20 mm. This could be enough to bring the two parts into contact, when it could not happen with the bike in “original trim”.

If true, this is a big problem. I won’t raise the bike up again for safety reasons. I firmly believe that a rider who has not got secure balance of the bike is unsafe, especially on heavy bikes. The current setting is the highest that I can confidently balance the bike in pretty much any situation, including uneven terrain and bike off-centre.

I will probably have to get rid of the factory luggage and replace it with aftermarket soft luggage. Pity, it worked very well and proved to be robust.

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