Cultural differences, or just rude?

We pulled into the border crossing behind a bus. People were milling around, with many already in the queue to get their passports stamped.

I parked the bike out of the way and joined the queue. At least I assumed it was a queue. Over the next 15 minutes, no fewer than 7 people cut into the line in front of me.

All of the passports that I saw had “Indonesia” on them, so I’d guess it was a visa renewal run from Sabah to Brunei.

In one case a mother with a baby cut in, allegedly because of “baby”, but was then joined by her whole family.

I started counting out loud each time a new VIP cut in, loudly welcoming them. The most annoying part if this, aside from the shear ignorance, is that they then stood around chatting when they were processed, because they still had to wait for the rest of the bus passengers. We were out of there 2 minutes after getting our stamp, but after a needless delay.

At the next crossing I kept the bike in the queue with me. It didn’t help. One guy saw a gap and figured it was was his. I suddenly became uncoordinated – every time I moved forward the bike ran into hid leg. Then two of his buddies tried to join him and I wedged the first between the bike and the wall.

What they didn’t realize was that Suzie already had my passport, at the front of the queue. When she got served, I just walked past them to join her.

Next time somebody cuts in front of me I think I’ll just do it back to them. Perhaps this will encourage the customs authorities to do their job and maintain some discipline.

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