Work it baby (passport…)

I’m very happy that today was a one-off, because my passport would not support many more like it.

The plan for today and tomorrow is Kota Kinabalu to Brunei. It’s about 250 km on good roads, so an easy ride.

Oddly, Malaysia requires an outbound and inbound stamp when transferring from the state of Sabah to the state of Sarawak. This doesn’t happen if you fly between them.

The trip across northern Sarawak only takes about an hour before reaching the international border with Brunei. We cruised through the outbound control, gaining another stamp along the way.

The Brunei inbound control soon ran into a problem – we had to pay for the visa, in Bruneian dollars. No card option, no other currency accepted. So there we were in no-man’s land with no way forward.

Happily, the Malaysian customs officers let us back in. Then we had to ride 20 km to the nearest town to get Brunei dollars.

Attempt 2: another outbound stamp. And another problem. We had $100 notes and had to give the exact amount of $60. At this stage we were ready to give up on Brunei, but eventually one of the officers came to the party with some change. And another stamp soon followed.

This part of Brunei only takes about 1/2 hour to ride across, then it’s another out-and-in cycle, with more stamps.

We are currently in Sarawak again, but tomorrow Brunei again, and the day after Sarawak again.

Brunei and Malaysia, I propose a rationalization: a land swap, or whatever it takes to reduce the number of borders 😦

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