Border crossing at Entikong

We were given only cursory attention on the Malaysian side and our passports were not even stamped.

Nor was anything done with the carnet

A hundred meters further on at Entikong, all of the usual international protocol applies.

We were directed to take the bike off to to one side, after which I expected we’d proceed past one of the booths and get our documents stamped. After 15 minutes of waiting, it became clear that wasn’t going to happen.

We’d actually just been told to park the bike, but it was away from the normal entry.

1. Go to visa payment window on the right. Pay in RM, IDR or USD.

2. Proceed to customs window. They sent us into a separate processing room, where we were given the immigration form and sent back out to complete it.

3. Submit completed form, get visa.

4. Put hand luggage / backpacks through scanner.

4. Reverse bike back out into main route and wheel it through to police checkpoint. Answer questions about destination and purpose.

5. Wheel the bike a short distance to army checkpoint, more questions.

6. Army asked us about carnet, then we had to produce bike documents and go back into customs to get them processed. This was complicated because the carnet had not been completed properly at previous border crossing.

7. Back to army checkpoint with completed documents, then finished.

Total time: 1 hour. It could be done in half that time if I’d known what to do.

Note: two bus loads of returning Indonesians pushed in front of me in the queue. It was literally necessary to shoulder people away to make any progress. This is not a case of ‘nice guys finished last’. More like ‘nice guys will never finish’.

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