Multiple gadget failures

I bought a new Drift Ghost sports cam but have not been able to take any video with it. The battery has failed and it will not even operate on USB power from the bike.

The Drift has a battery that is *nearly* the same as a popular battery that is used for many types of gadgets. I have two spares of those for my other sports cam. I suppose that is their business model – I have to buy an original Drift battery at many times the price. Which will be after I get home. Weak. Really weak.

So far I have ridden one segment that is different to my last trip so obviously I wanted to get a GPS log. I attempted to use Sports Tracker and GPX Viewer.

Sports Tacker stopped logging points when I backgrounded it to view a map. Pathetic. OK its free but I’d be delighted to pay if it was better thought out.

GPX Viewer just closed itself about three quarters of the way through. On some later routes it didn’t spontaneously close, bit it did often stop tracking. One of them happened at a bad time, with low fuel warning and approaching darkness.

Anyway I failed to record the new route. I only used these apps because there’s not a lot of choice on a Windows smartphone. I chose a Windows phone because it comes free with unlimited updates worldwide Nokia Here maps.

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