Took the easy option

After waiting for three days in Banjarmasin for a ferry to Surabaya, we were dismayed to find that the KM Satya Kancana has only “Ekonomi” class, which means sleep on the floor.

So we wimped out. The bike has been sent on the ferry and we flew.

We’ve just heard that there’s been a big storm in Banjarmasin and we are feeling pretty happy that we are not out there.

An observation about ferries: the posted sailing time is “earliest” rather than actual. Today’s sailing time was supposed to be 4:00 am. I arrived at 3:00 am, along with Iwan of the Honda Supra riders club and other riders who kindly turned up to help.

Bikes were finally loaded, with trucks and cars to come. I didn’t hang around but I’d be surprised if it got away before 9:00 am.

Its always about the tide. The ship can’t load or unload unless the tide is high enough. That makes sense, but why publish sailing schedules that are wrong?

Tide charts are published months or years in advance. Can’t they be considered when publishing schedules?

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