Over-exploited attractions

It’ 5:00 am and I am awaiting sunrise at a despicably overcrowded viewing area near Mt Bromo. The brisk pre- dawn is frequently interrupted by loud cheering, for no reason that I can fathom. The whole thing is somewhat like a sporting event, including the crush to get a view.

Next time I would stay in the village, which has an uninterrupted view, albeit from further away.

It was morning rush hour at 4:00 am with fuming noisy scooters struggling to make the steep ascent, lugging passengers who had failed the challenge.

This is one attraction that needs to have entry numbers restricted by advance ticket purchase. That’s how it works at Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia. Disappointing if you don’t get your ticket 3 mnths in advance, but vastly more enjoyable and sustainable.


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