Route planning

I initially planned to ride a clockwise route, mainly so I could follow my tracks from the previous ride when In got to the eastern side of Borneo. However … not feasible!

There is only one surface visa-upon-entry location in Indonesian Borneo. It’s at Entikong on the western side. Indonesia gives only single entry visas upon initial entry, which for us is at Denpasar. We would then leave Indonesia to enter Sabah (Malaysia), before returning to Indonesia in a couple of weeks, i.e. multiple entry.

The only Indonesian visa that permits multiple entry is for business. It requires a letter of invitation, which costs $500, plus the visa itself which costs $200. Per person.

Riding anti-clockwise solves the problem. We get another visa upon entry at Entikong.

Anybody who wants to circumnavigate Borneo will face this problem. You either need a business visa, or you have to ride anti-clockwise.

2 thoughts on “Route planning

  1. sheen

    Great stuff Colin – amazing you’re heading back there again. Needs lots of “mental” just to get thru the 400km East Kalimantan muddy jungle roads when it rains ! Keep us up to date with the Western Kalimantan passage. Good luck (and do try to avoid my Indonesian custom chief friend who tried to take my passport away)!

    1. colintraveller Post author

      Sheen, very nice to hear from you! My adventures seem to be pretty tame alongside yours. But I will be sure to say hello to your friend in Nunukan – I bet he is still waiting to get your passport, and maybe a nice bonus to go with it.


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