Gooseneck meets tank mount

The best place for a camera on my bike is in front of my body, above the tank. I’ve tried mounting down on the bars but I get too much of the instruments, plus the view is almost all through the windshield, which causes distortion.

I bought a tank filler mount online – advertised as fitting the Triumph Tiger, but it did not. The holes are in the wrong pattern. Anyway I don’t like the actual camera mount – it is too low.

I also bought a gooseneck on a suction pad. That was a failure too. The tank does not have any flat spots big enough to hold it. Very dangerous – the whole assembly would certainly go overboard.

So it’s a case of gooseneck, meet tank mount. I re-drilled the tank mount holes to fit, and cut off the useless bits. Have not tried it yet. I’m darned if I know why I can’t buy this online 😦


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