Shorter centre stand

A centre stand is an essential accessory for travel in Indonesia as there are many ferry trips involved. The side stand is not stable enough, plus the bike leans over and takes up more space than is sometimes allocated.

The Triumph accessory centre stand for the Tiger is too tall. It’s very hard to actually get the bike up on the stand, and that’s without luggage fitted.

So I snipped 30 mm out of the centre stand. A very tidy job, even if I say so myself! And it works a treat – the bike goes up on the stand really easily now.

20 mm tube was as snug fit inside the existing legs.

20 mm tube was as snug fit inside the existing legs.

It was my lucky day – some 20 mm tube I had on hand was the perfect size. After I welded up the join and repainted, you’d never know if was non-standard.

However, I then had d “D’oh!”. Moment. I had lowered it too much. I measured very carefully by raising the back wheel on a stack of paper, then cut the stand by that amount. But I did not allow for the fact that the back wheel pivots around the stand, so I should have shortened the stand by a lesser amount. It’s not a disaster – the bike sits neatly on the stand and the back wheel at the same time now. Very stable, but I just can’t rotate the wheel to lube the chain.

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